Raven's Path Update 0.2.3

Hey everyone! We have been going through the feedback as quickly as possible we have addressed many issues. The top of the list was getting rid of the energy bar! So no more forced ads. Players will now have an option to watch an ad occasionally to double their reward at the end of a battle but ads are now entirely optional.

Kiril has also updated the cover art for the game so the game looks a bit more spiffy now when you open it!


Here is the rest of the change log for 0.2.3

Ad Changes


-Energy bar and mechanic has been removed from the game

+ there is now a 50% chance to get an option to watch an ad for an extra reward chest at the end of a level

(this will never happen 2 levels in a row)

Civilization Skills


+ Heal skill tree "Heal From Injuries instantly" has been replaced by

"when an ally unit dies all other units recover a percentage of their health"

- changed description of ranged tree item chance from shop chests skill to make it more clear

- Fixed some miss calculation causing the ranged tree item chance skill to give the wrong amount of items in shop chests

Visual Changes


- The Dragons animations have all been cleaned of any noise or visual defects

- in combat stat boost effects now only use their level 1 animations which are smaller. This helps with the overall effect noise issue that makes it hard to see later in the game.

- fixed issue where Lancelot and the spear woman had visual pops where there spears were momentarily in the wrong position when switching from the units screen to the items screen

General Fixes


- Fixed an issue where switching two units in the army cuztomizer and then quitting the game caused those units to load stacked

on top of one another in the same space (this also resulted in some units being checked out of the collection permanently)

Combat Fixes


- fixed issue where dead enemies corpses don't scroll with the background if you lose the level

- fixed issue where you don't lose the level right away even if all your units are dead

- Fixed issue where equipping a slam ring to a ranged unit causes that unit to stop shooting projectiles

- fixed issue where equipping a slam ring and another attack ring in a certain order caused some units to deal no damage

- fixed issue where shield abilities were rendering behind units instead of in front



+ Start Screen has new artwork

+ Portal Re-roll Button is Now a die instead of a placeholder

+ added helper arrow that shows new players how to scroll through card packs if they linger on the first card

- fixed issue where description for item slot type on cards was displaying an internal unity description of UI.Text type instead of the item


- fixed issue where item cards with 0 defense did not display a description for defense when defense was clicked

- fixed issue where you could start a mission and get a unit even when your collection was already full

- fixed issue where it was possible to get past some warning boxes for missions in certain situations

- Fixed issue where it wasn't possible to click between two cards to scroll the card scroller

- all sort fonts have been changed from abril fatface to amethysta regular

- army collection size font has been changed from Arial to amethysta regular

- warning box font has been changed from king Richard regular to amethysta regular



+ added battle defeat music

+ added battle victory music

- Fixed issue where banshee attack sound was blunt wood instead of fire sound

That’s all for now, but we have plenty more changes coming up, including a lot of things many of you helped us catch. Thanks for playing and here are some Gifs of a couple legendary units if you are curious!