Evil Villain Games is an indie development studio based in Salem, MA. founded by Shane Denhardt and Kiril Pashev, who have created games together since 2013. In March of 2016 they started working on Raven’s Path, their first professional project.

Raven’s Path is the debut project of Evil Villain Games.

Shane Denhardt


Game Design, Programmer & Background Artist

Shane has been creating digital artwork since childhood. In 5th grade he received a copy of Flash MX and has been animating ever since. Shane has experience working in a graphic design studio and was a freelance videographer for over 5 years. Shane approached game design and programming much more seriously in 2013. After 3 years of learning and making internal projects Shane started working on Raven's Path with Kiril. Shane writes all the code, and draws the backgrounds for Raven's Path.

Kiril Pashev


Art Design, Animator, & Financial Officer

Kiril has many talents spanning from art, to business, and finance. His passion for art began in High School where he focused on 3D clay sculpture, drawing, and painting. In May 2015 he graduated from Bentley University with a Bachelors in Economics and Finance. Since the beginning of Raven's Path Kiril has animated all units, and designed almost all artwork including items, buildings, and visual effects. He also manages all legal and tax paperwork relating to Evil Villain Games.