Week 18 - Earl Throne Room Lvl 2 & Armor

This week we worked on replacing the flags in the throne room with windows and flowers when they hit level 10. This gives a feeling of change and progression when the player revisits the skill tree.


We also plugged in 20 pieces of armor for our procedural equipment system. The armor falls into 5 major categories. Shields have high defense, mails have high health, boots have high attack speed, gauntlets have high accuracy and helmets have high critical chance.


We also added the earl's ability this week! He can copy the native passive ability of any unit in a certain direction instantly. This means he can become a buffer a healer or a spell caster in an instant during battle making him the most versatile unit in Raven's Path.


This was not an easy ability to create so it came with some very unique bugs along the way. Like this one...

wierd bug.gif

That's all for this week. Check back next Wednesday for the next update!