Week 20 - More Throne Room Levels, William Wallace

This week Kiril spent time on the throne room artwork. The throne room changes as you buy skills. We wanted it to start from essentially nothing, so kiril painted a fantastic outdoor background as the starting throne room.


After you put your first points in you will get a real building to start your throne room in. About mid way through the game it will start to look more like this.


Finally towards the end of the game your throne room will look more like this!


This week we also worked on William Wallace's abilities. He gains 20 health for each unit you have in your army. He also gives 2 attack to each unit for the amount of units you have in your army if he is the only friendly unit in his row. William Wallace also has the ability to slam units in a row to the sides of him like so.



That's all for this week. Check back next week for more!